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Areas of Practice



Adoption is one of the happiest areas of family law. When welcoming a new addition into your family, the last thing on your mind should be the paperwork, but that’s the first thing to be done. Let us help you navigate the legal waters of adoption, making it an easier transition for both you and your new family member. Whether the adoption is agreed or contested, we have the know-how to help you through the adoption process. We handle adoptions from private agencies as well as the Division of Social and Health services, and stepparent adoptions.




One of the most wrenching experiences in your life is to see the dream of a happy marriage not include a happy ending.  When you are bearing one of life’s heaviest emotional burdens, you have to make decisions that will have an extraordinary impact on your future.  These decisions affect your life savings, your home, and of course everything else you’ve worked for. You need to have someone who can help you make sense out of the struggle, which is where we come in. It is our job to find the right approach for your divorce, whether it is fully cooperative and civil or a full-on legal battle waged at trial. We will always respect your choice in how you want to handle this conflict.



Wage garnishment is a subject most people would happily avoid, but it is a serious issue that can affect many different parts of your life. Garnishment can happen for several reasons, and once the process starts, it can only be stopped by court order. Whether it’s credit card debt, lapsed child support, or any other kind of debt, we can help you get the fairest garnishment available to you. If you have found yourself in the position of imminent garnishment, contact us today to see what options are available to you.


Child support

The legal battle over child support can be one of the most difficult of all, and the overwhelming emotions can make it hard to know what the right decision is for you or your child. On top of that, the true cost of raising a child can be far greater than you thought. Let our firm help you collect support, navigate changing the support payments, or defend you against accusations of non-payment. We are fully committed to making sure that you are fully protected under the law.

One specialized area of child support that we focus on is the payment of “post-secondary support.”  College is expensive and dealing with these expenses in a court order is an enormous challenge, so let us help you navigate the legal waters and get the support your child deserves.

Grandparent & third Party custody

Sometimes a child needs to be taken in by a party other than their natural parents. The child may be taken in by grandparents or other relatives, or a non-biological “de facto” parent, someone who meets very specific legal requirements. The goal of third party custody is to place a child into a home that will care for and nurture them. Every child should grow up with a guardian to love and guide them, who is working in the child’s best interest. Washington state has specific case law and statutory law on third party custody, which makes it a rather difficult area of family law to navigate without an attorney, especially in cases that cross state lines. With our focus on family law, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the intricacies of third party custody, leaving you more time to focus on your family.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which can be used in most non-criminal cases, including disputes involving contracts, divorce, and child support. If you’ve given up on negotiating a settlement of your dispute directly with the other party, then mediation may be the best way to solve the issue. Compared to a lawsuit, mediation is fair, quick, private, and inexpensive. We have been mediators for over twenty years, conducting settlement conferences as well as mediations. Our goal is to help people reach an agreement, even on the most difficult cases. Contact us now to see how we can help you mediate your problem into a solution.

Custody & visitation

Nothing more important in a child’s life than their safety and welfare. From infants to teens, children often pay a hefty price for the conflicts their parents engage in. Every child should be allowed to have a full relationship with both parents, and to the love and support each parent brings. In the real world, there are challenges to making that relationship work out satisfactorily. The ability to spend time with your child is precious, and even with an existing plan, there are times when you or the other parent may need to make changes, which can be taxing for everyone.

If the other party has not complied with court-ordered visitation or you have concerns about the other party continuing to have visits, let us help you address changes with the court. 


Providing care for an elderly loved one can be challenging in many ways, financially, emotionally, and physically. It may seem like you are the only one who wants to make a difference in your elderly loved one’s life-- but that is not the case! We are here to help you make the legal transition from caregiver to guardian.

We also handle cases as a Guardian ad Litem, working in the best interests of a child to help place them in the proper, nurturing environment. Whatever your guardianship needs, contact our office today to see how we can help you find the right legal avenue to help your family.


personal injury

Personal injury law allows an injured party to go to civil court and get a legal remedy for losses stemming from an accident or other incident. The purpose of personal injury law is to allow the injured party to be compensated financially or made “whole” after he or she has suffered from someone else’s carelessness or intentional conduct. If you have been injured in an accident, a slip and fall situation, or any other personal injury, call our office to see how our representation can get you back to feeling whole again.